Christmas Bowl Food Menus

Christmas Bowl Food Menus
 Christmas Bowl Food MenusChristmas Bowl Food Menus 
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Christmas 2021 Bowl Food Party Menus

We've made it as simple as possible for you.  You choose one menu for delivery for either 15 ppl or 20ppl and let us do the rest.  

Orders of each menu are delivered to your home for reheating with full instructions.   As a bowl food menu you will need small bowls to allow for the correct number of portions.  Don't worry!  We are able to advise by phone the details of this to you.  These menus are only suitable for a 'standing' party rather than a seated main course.  Each guest will be able to enjoy 2 from each of the 4 savoury options and 2 sweet or sweet plus cheese board of each pudding you select from the menus presented. 

Menu 1 - Flavoursome & Filling

  • Mini bowls of beef Bourguignon with a brioche toast heart
  • Thai green curry with sticky rice
  • Lamb tagine with saffron rice

Desserts - Mini Versions of:

  • Mince pies with brandy cream
  • Decadent chocolate brownie with double cream and raspberries
  • Fresh tropical fruit salad

Menu 2 - the Comforter

  • Chicken and ginger tagine with spiced couscous
  • Shepherd’s pie (Lamb)
  • The best ever! Mac ‘n’ cheese with smokey lardons & paprika (vegetarian option available)

Desserts - Mini Versions of:

  • Port and brandy Christmas puddings with chantilly cream
  • Chocolate, ginger, and orange tart served with orange crème (alcohol)
  • Apple and berry crumble with all spice custard

Menu 3 - Vegetarian Delights

  • Mushroom stroganoff with rice (V)
  • Vegetable Provencal & saffron rice (V)
  • Butternut Squash, Kale, Pinenut, Spinach & roasted peppers (V)

Desserts - Mini Versions of:

  • Fresh berries, with coulis and pouring cream
  • Chocolate yule log (vanilla / double chocolate versions available)
  • Lemon posset with shortbread

Menu 4 - A Special Night In

  • English Lamb, Roasted Garlic Potatoes, Cauliflower Puree and Rosemary Jus
  • Baked Salmon Croute (Filo) with seasonal vegetable stack, lemon
  • Beef Wellington, with seasonal vegetable stack & rich gravy jus
  • Red onion, mushroom and thyme tartlets with baby leaf and balsamic dressing (V)

Desserts - Mini Versions of:

  • Tart Tatin with vanilla ice cream or calvados cream
  • Individual Apple and Blackberry Crumbles with Clotted cream
  • Share a cheese board with 5 cheese choices, grapes, flatbreads, artisan biscuits & local chutney

Remember! If you want to personalise any one of these menus to outside of the possibility of delivery options, call us OR email us.