Afternoon Tea at Surbiton Trophy: 29th May - 5th June

The Great Big Event Company's kitchen, Surrey-Pantry, have created two courtside Afternoon Tea Boxes for your enjoyment during the 8-day Surbiton Trophy. To be enjoyed courtside, The London Afternoon Tea boxes are pre-ordered and come with a selection of finger sandwiches and sweet treats with an option of adding prosecco, for 2 or 4 people. Simply order below for collection during the tournament.



Salad Menus

Salad Menus
Salad MenusSalad MenusSalad MenusSalad Menus
Our Price:  £237.00 

Salad Menus

For those special occasions or maybe you might just like to order for a party at home... Our salad choices are created to provide you with a selection of handmade, fresh and seasonal salads. Each salad is made within 24hours of delivery. Salads are delivered in a box with ingredients listed for you. Each salad will feed up to 10, 15 or 20 guests and will need to be consumed within 12 hours from delivery.

We have created 4 popular Salad menus for you to choose from below.

Menu 1 - Autumnal Salads

  • Date with orange, almond and watercress salad

  • Charred sweetcorn salad - (avo, red onion, charred cob of corn, rainbow tomatoes, basil. Vinaigrette with white balsamic.salt.lime.olive oil)

  • Blackberry, beetroot & za’atar goats’ cheese salad

  • Cabbage and sesame salad

  • French beans, mange tout, orange, and hazelnut salad

  • Barley, black olive, and feta salad with parsley

Menu 2 - Middle Eastern Influence salads

  • Tabbouleh - bulgar wheat, garlic, lemon, middle eastern herbs, mint and parsley

  • Smoked aubergine, pepper & walnut salad with pomegranate 

  • Quinoa Salad with toasted pistachios, preserved lemons and courgettes
  • Shirazi Salad - tomatoes, red onion, sumac and pommegranate seeds
  • Cumin roasted carrots with Honey-lemon dressing and Goats' cheese

Menu 3 - Light on yer feet salads

  • Orange, olive and onion salad

  • Blood orange, pecan and cannellini salad

  • Roasted peppers and pomegranate vinaigrette

  • Crunchy green leaf with lemon dressing

  • Spicy chilli and lime Mexican slaw

  • Pea and broad bean salad with watercress

Menu 4 - Potato, Rice, Seeds salads

  • Heritage tomato, basil and mozzarella with balsamic dressing, crushed salt and lemon zest 

  • Crushed new potato salad with garlic, dill, chargrilled spring onions & peas 

  • Buttered, minted, new potatoes 

  • Persian herb rice / Persian basmati rice 

  • Tomato bulgar wheat: bulgar pilavi

Ingredients will be listed with each salad dish at the time of delivery.

Ingredients will be listed with each salad dish at the time of delivery.